Public Liability Insurance

In the first of our new blog post series we are going to look at Public Liability Insurance explaining what it is, who needs it, why you need it and what to do next.  

What is Public Liability Insurance?

Public Liability provides protection for businesses, associations and individuals. It protects against bodily injury, death or damage to property suffered by a third party. While not legally required in Ireland, organisations or anyone interacting with members of the public should consider purchasing Public Liability. Limits of Indemnity are normally offered at three levels;

  • €1,300,000
  • €2,600,000
  • €6,500,000

While these may be standard industry Limits they can be increased based on your needs. For many individuals or organisations like Accountants , IT Professionals and Tradesmen Public Liability can be purchased on a stand-alone basis. For shop owners, offices and manufacturers Public Liability usually comes as part of combined package.  

What is Products Liability Insurance?

You may be wondering why we are discussing Products Liability Insurance here. This is due to the fact that Public and Products Liability are combined under the one policy most of the time. The Limits provided match that of the Public Liability section of the policy. Products Liability protects you in the event that a third party suffers injury or loss as a result of a product sold or provided by you. An example of this would food poisoning from food sold in a shop, restaurant or café due to a dirty kitchen.   JV Hutton are specialists in liability insurance for all industries and trades. We can assist sole trades & business owners who require stand-alone or combined policies. Call us today on 01 8203722 to get a quote or visit www.jvhutton.com